Scott Robertson

so you have a website... now what

My name is Scott Robertson, I have been building, managing and marketing websites for 17 years. I can help make your dreams come true by improving your website and the traffic it receives.

A major factor in search engine rankings is how many quality links point to your website. Search engines look at each of these links as a vote for your site. The more votes your site gets, the better it ranks. Is your site receiving all the traffic that it could be?

It is worth mentioning, here, that earning a ranking from a search engine can take weeks, even months, depending on how many of your competitors are also seeking a ranking using the same search term(s).

I will not only work to improve your ranking and the quantity and quality of your visitation traffic, but I am here to guide you and to answer your questions. I am dedicated to the future success of your site and use only white hat techniques.

Here is what you could get...
  • We will work together to devise the best plan of action for your site, based on your goals and needs.
  • Multiple keywords and urls may be combined for a more natural link building campaign
  • We strive to get niche specific links on any site regardless of google pr to ensure natural links
  • If you have a rss feed I will use it to help generate more links and exposure for your site
  • Pay month to month - cancel at any time
  • You will receive a basic monthly report
  • I will social bookmark a few pages on your site every month. The exact number of pages booked marked will vary month to month, but the focus will be on key pages and/or new content
  • You will get a free one time check up (audit) of your website -> a $100 value
  • A detailed monthly report that includes your previous monthly stats, so that historic trends can be spotted
  • Receive a consulting session, where we chat about your virtual goals and I help you create a plan of attack and guide you to the success you are after

I guarantee that you will see an increase in traffic to your site and a number of your keywords will rank better, then they do now, on google & bing within 6 months. This does not mean page 1. For example maybe you site appears on page 50 now, so moving to page 5 would be a significant improvement.

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