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Scott Robertson

PHP Web Developer & Project Manager with 22 years experience


Autos Newsletter Sponsorship

The autos newsletter goes out to over 23k subscribers every week, who either work for, or own, mostly independent car lots. A fair portion of them are Buy Here Pay Here dealers, but there are a mix of dealerships including a few that sell new cars, rv / campers, as well as cargo trailers.

On average the newsletter gets between a 6% and 7% open rate, but some weeks that soars past 10%.

Check out this sample newsletter  

The cost to be a sponsor is: $400 a month, or $1,100 for 3 months, or $4,000 for 12 months. Ads may be html text block or graphical banner ad. Most email clients seem happy around 700px wide, but we prefer ads that are designed to resize based on the screen size.

I only allow one sponsor per niche. For example one loan company, one gps company, and one warranty company. However, there may be unpaid references to companies or services that compete with you, in the content of the newsletter, for example they may be part of a news article, blog post, podcast, video, etc we happen to share that week.

There are three ad zones in the newsletter, top, middle and bottom. I use an adserver to place and track the ads. I also generally let the ad server randomly rotate what zone your ad displays in. This means every time someone views the newsletter you could be in a different zone. With a 3 month or longer commitment, I can have the adserver email your monthly campaign stats (IE. how many times your ad was displayed and how many clicks it received) to you.

In my sole digression, I may reject any ad or sponsor for any reason. However, I generally will only do this if they or the ad competes directly with any other sponsor or partner of this newsletter or is deemed inappropriate for any reason. In the rare case that happens any funds paid will be refunded.

When it comes to billing, we will send you an invoice which may be paid via paypal, debit card, or credit card. Checks are not generally accepted but will be considered on a case by case basis. We currently do not offer recurring billing, you will need to pay the invoice within 14 days it being sent, failure to pay will result in your sponsorship being canceled.

Our list is a result of a partnership with Auto Search Technologies who provides websites and other related services to car dealers.

If you have your own email list and would like to also send them a white label version of this weekly newsletter, please let us know so we can discuss possible options.