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Curated Newsletter Service

Do you have a mailing list, but lack the time to create and send a weekly newsletter? Let us put together a niche specific, white labeled, hand curated newsletter, which you send to your own list. Your users will love getting updates and news related to your niche. You win as it takes very little of your precious time, since we do all the hard work.

Hand curated means based on sources such as your own new content, news, blogs, reddit, youtube, podcasts, etc we hand pick content to include in the newsletter. See examples below, by clicking on the blue buttons.

We charge based on how many sources you want us to select content from and how often you want the newsletter sent out. See the options below.

  <20 sources <50 sources <100 sources
Every Other Week $115 a month $220 a month $330 a month
Every Week $175 a month $350 a month $525 a month

There maybe between a $0 and $500 setup fee, depending on how many sources you want us to monitor and how much you aid us in getting everything needed. During this time we will also develop your white and black keyword lists to help filter out some of the content you do not want included in the newsletter. This helps reduce the time and cost of having a human look through tens of thousands of potential content items. Lastly, we will setup the visual aspects of the newsletter.

Check out our examples:        

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but the size does not matter. If you have 10 subscribers or a billion, we charge the same amount. We do not send the newsletter out for you. Instead we create a html newsletter & send it to you. From there you send it out to your own list, which also means you can make any adjustments you want prior to sending it.
We will send you a one time invoice for any setup costs which can be paid via paypal, credit card or ach bank transfer.

We will set up a recurring invoice, that will automatically bill you every month, on the day you signed up. Payable via any major credit card. You will be able to access your billing history, as well as, cancel the invoice via the client dashboard.
We create HTML newsletters, which we will email to you. Don't worry if you don't know html. You will only need to copy and paste it, or upload it to your "newsletter sending service" and send it like any other newsletter you send out.

On a case by case basis we will consider sending it out for you. But this will cost extra. Please contact us for more details.
Yes we can, however you need to be able to provide us a rss feed from your website or blog. This rss feed will let us know when you have new content. We can discuss how you want it included in the newsletter.

If you have niche specific content you think will be good for one of the newsletters we publish, such as Weekly Autos or Weekly Scouting. Please contact us and let us know about it including the url to the rss feed. We promise to consider it.
A newsletter is a relatively cheap way to establish and promote new communication with subscribers and potential customers. If you are putting out a regular newsletter weekly, then that keeps your company’s name in front of subscribers and customers. Maintaining regular contact is essential to maintain and grow your business. Newsletters keep subscribers and customers up to date with new things in your company. By including the right content, you can keep your audience advised about topics such as new products and special promotional offers. You also can use newsletters to tell customers about your new events and any special offers that you may want to present to them.
If you look at recent data, sending out routine emails is a better way of adding to your social media, SEO, and affiliate marketing plans. A good answer as to why that works has something to do with the fact that people use email more than other types of communication. If you don’t send out routine emails, people will tend to forget that you are there. You should always try to send a newsletter at least once a month, Once a week is even closer to best practices. I find that the most exciting newsletters are those that do a great job of combining updates and new messages. As a good rule, try to use your newsletter as a way to better your relationship with the reader/subscriber.
There seem to be a lot of people who have come to think that email lists are unnecessary... I know of several businesses that work hard on their social media marketing nowadays, but email is the better method to generate new customers for your business. Email lists have been around for a long time. Email is also easy to use. For businesses, email marketing has proven to be one of the best ways to drive online business. A good mailing list will allow you to talk with your customers directly. You have subscribers who have chosen to subscribe to your mailing list, making it easier for you to get your message across. Because of this, mailing lists have a high conversion rate. Large internet businesses like Amazon are still doing a lot of emailing when they consider generating or maintaining their revenue stream.
The first thing is if you’ve received a lousy newsletter, you won’t remember ever asking for it. People are busy and have lots of interruptions and advertisements everywhere they look; you should try to make sure that the people that get your newsletter, have actually asked for it (subscribed to it). Why should they open your newsletter instead of just letting it go to the spam box? Giving your subscribers good content, on a regular basis, with relevant events and new information is one way to ensure a good newsletter. New users sign up for newsletters hoping to be told about things they would not otherwise be able to find out about, not about what items you might be able to sell them.